To Kill a Predator by Adir Rondack

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This suspense filled story is about a serial killer that uses unmanned aerial drones to strike targets in America.  Only one person can stop him.  Can she do it in time?  In “To Kill a Predator” America’s worst nightmare becomes real when an advanced technical weapon, the MQ-1 Predator, is used to attack and kill on US soil.  What starts out as a revenge killing for child molestation erupts into a series of deaths that no one can stop.  As the killer leaves baffling clues to taunt the media, an unlikely hero emerges in the quest to thwart further disaster.  

“This is my review. It was a great thriller novel. If you like drones, you will love this book. This book was suspenseful, turn-pager, interesting. I couldn’t put it down.

Adir Rondack out did themselves. You can order this book on Amazon. Get yours today…. I give this book 5 stars…..” Author Fay Lynn Day, “Double Life Book Series.

This book appeals to a multitude of audiences:

  • Female Sleuth
  • MQ-1 Predator Drone Aircraft
  • Military Buffs and Tom Clancy fans
  • 50 Shades Adult Interaction
  • Located in and around Colorado
  • The plight of the laid off American worker
  • Engineer and technology types
  • The after effects of child molestation

Available in Kindle and Printed versions.

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ISBN 978-0-578-15459-6

ISBN Barcode for Predator book 978-0-578-15459-6 $11.99 price

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